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Investment guide for Myanmar

Investment guide for Myanmar (in Japanese)

The new Petroleum and Petroleum Products Law

How to protect intellectual property in Myanmar

27 February 2018
Seminar: Forex Control and Lending / Registration of Lease and Other Agreements / Trademark Protection

9 January 2018
Seminar: Real Estate Law / The New Condominium Rules

27 December 2017
Analysis of the new Condominium Rules

19 December 2017
The new Myanmar Companies Law

28 November 2017
Labour law seminar: In particular, new labour contract template and employment of foreigners

3 November 2017
Updated requirements for “work permits” (MIC companies only) and DICA recommendations for visa extensions and stay permits (non-MIC companies)

15 August 2017
Legal and tax considerations when investing in Myanmar’s renewable energy sector with a focus on electricity tariffs (presentation at the “Myanmar Green Energy Summit”)

23 June 2017
The new Myanmar Investment Law – first experiences

18 May 2017
M&A in Myanmar

15 December 2016
Myanmar’s legal and tax framework

10 November 2016
Seminar on investing in Myanmar’s power sector

6 October 2016
Presentation for Philippine investors on investment opportunities in Myanmar

4 August 2016
Seminar on land law and stamp duty in Myanmar

14 July 2016
Seminar on debt collection in Myanmar (Japanese language)

7 July 2016
Seminar on debt collection in Myanmar

6 June 2016
Seminar on the investment system in Myanmar after the change of government (Japanese language)